site went down for ~20 min today because of some confusion with gandi hosting

March 31, 2011

but we emailed gandi and they fixed it so freakin fast omg. thanks gandi!

server back up!

December 17, 2010

last night!

thanks kuri-san!

Server went down some time last night. still down

December 14, 2010

asheesh emailed kuri-san in japan to ask him to reboot the machine.

parker and asheesh plan to move everything to the gandi VM jan 1st-3rd.

Website back up

June 29, 2010

Everything came back this morning, after the computer in Japan was re-set and Asheesh flipped a switch to re-spawn all our services.


Website down; in process of moving

June 26, 2010

Hi dear readers,

The physical computer in Japan on which is hosted seems to be unavailable. We can’t even ping it, which means we don’t know what’s wrong or how long it will take to fix it.

For that reason, we’re taking this chance to move websites to a new server. You can chat with us about the move using IRC, on #freeculture .

We hope to have things working and stable soon (hours to days) and will keep the blog informed of major updates.

— Asheesh.

Update 2010-06-25 23:32 pm (US/Eastern): The latest backups we have: Some databases and all files: 2010-02-04. Remaining databases: 2009-05-02. You can imagine I’m rather disappointed with myself. The filesystem where the data are stored has RAID-5, so there’s a good chance that there’s no catastrophic data loss. It’s hard to say right now. My plan for now is to see if we can get the machine rebooted within a day or so, and once that happens see how the disks are. If websites aren’t back online by the end of the weekend, then I’ll start restoring from backups. As for email, I will be setting up a secondary MX that will receive email, so at least they won’t bounce.

Update 2010-06-26 01:18 (US/Eastern): We have a secondary MX, so email should not bounce. I’ll queue it up in Minnesota. coming back online

January 26, 2010

Kuri in Japan graciously rebooted rose, and everything is coming back to life.

Once the DNS changes propagate across the world, everyone should see good old glorious

We’re working on moving from rose to somewhere more reliable.

All services offline, investigating the issue now

January 23, 2010

Update 8:41 PM US/Eastern: is online-ish, and we’ve requested a reboot for the rest of the services. Hopefully it will happen Monday morning Japan time, about 24 hours from now.

Dear fans, is down. The server that hosts the virtual machine is unresponsive, probably due to high load.

I’m looking into the problem. Because the server is so unresponsive, I don’t have an estimate yet for when things will be back online.

My top priority is getting a conference site back up. Then I’m going to investigate our backups. It seems that they weren’t running nightly, but I know they had been running before so at worst we should have old backups we can use.

To chat with us interactively about how things are going, join #freeculture on

Update, 3:25 PM US/Eastern: We’re moving over to a box in Minnesota. I looked in my email logs and discovered the heavy load began at 9 AM US/Eastern today (Sat Jan 23).


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